About Me

Inky mann


I’d like to take this time to thank you for your support. Your support means a lot to me.

 Support can be anything from sharing, your word of mouth, or even, buying my products.

My Story:

I’ve been dabbling in music for many years. My first interest goes back to Wooster, a school in Stratford CT. There was a music teacher there by the name of Kenneth Trap. This was the days of Inspector Gadget’s theme being popularized in a rap song. Mr Trap was this cool ass teacher, who had a calm demeanor and was seen like the coolest man on earth, just because he knew how to play the Inspector Gadget theme.

He had drum machines and keyboards in his music class. Apparently, I talked about the equipment so much, that my Mom called him behind my back, to find out where to buy my first keyboard! Learning music in school is something all kids should experience.

With this new love of creating music, I carried that love as a hobby – writing raps, making beats until the late 80s. This was the year I gained in interest in DJing (1988). I met two “Brothers”, Yohuru Williams and Charles Burks, while attending Fairfield Prep, and THEY were DJing school gigs and house parties.

I wanted IN!

So, Mom played a part in that by taking me to City Sounds, in Bridgeport, CT, to get me the DJ set up. I was off and running. I started doing mixtapes, music and shows with Yohuru and his Brother. Chuck, ‘Ru and I would go on to do school functions together.  I even began rapping with a friend, my man Glenn, and we formed The Jestas. A group of two MCs and 3 dancers created for the purpose of a show at a Talent show at a Knights of Columbus hall.

During this time, I was also an active member of the Universal Zulu Nation. THIS was a great move for me because I was raising myself on Hip Hop, anyway, so joining the organization that played a part in the formation of Hip Hop culture was a no brainer. This expose me to the 4 basic elements of Hip Hop (DJing, MCing, Graf writing and Bboy/BGirl).

I'm a true hip Hop Head.